All you need to know about You, Me & Friends Small Group Hosted Tours!

Welcome to the Bubble!

When you join a You, Me & Friends small group hosted tour, you become part of our “bubble.” Think of it as a cozy travel cocoon where everyone pitches in to make the journey enjoyable and safe for all.


Meet Your New Travel Friends

On our tours, you’ll quickly find that strangers become friends, and friends become family. Our repeat travellers often describe it as a delightful reunion with old pals. That’s why we don’t call you customers or guests; you’re our cherished Travel Friends!


Pre-Tour Essentials

Personal Travel Information Sheet

Before we hit the road, we need some details from you:

  • Contact Info: Fill out the contact details section so we can keep in touch.
  • Emergency Contact: Provide an emergency contact who can assist if needed.
  • Health & Fitness: Let us know about any dietary requirements, health issues, and medications.
  • Vaccination Status: We need to know your vaccination status early in the booking process.
  • Level of Walking Fitness: How far can you comfortably walk? This helps us tailor day tours to suit your abilities.
  • Travel Insurance: Inform us of your travel insurance plans.


During the Tour

Home Pick-up

For overnight or longer tours, we offer pick-up from a central Whangarei location. Let us know in advance where you’d like to be collected from.


Our trusty 12-seater vans have limited luggage space. Please pack a medium-sized checked bag and a small day bag each. Think “sensible traveller,” not “moving house.”

Seat Rotation

We mix things up daily by rotating seats in the van. Your tour host will manage the seating chart each morning.

On-Tour Issues

If anything isn’t quite right, let your tour host know immediately. Their job is to ensure everyone has a great time. Speak up so we can fix any hiccups!

Free Time & Free Days

Some days and times on our tours are set aside for you to relax or explore on your own. Our hosts and drivers also need breaks, so they might not be available during these periods.

Driver’s Hours

Our drivers abide by NZTA rules:

  • Daily Limit: Up to 14 hours from start to finish, with breaks totalling 2 hours.
  • Weekly Limit: No more than 70 hours of work before a mandatory 24-hour break.

Please be mindful of these regulations when requesting additional stops or activities. We avoid fines like we avoid bad coffee – diligently!


We include most breakfasts in the tour cost, but lunches and dinners are often at your own expense. Lunches tend to be quick cafe stops, while dinners are usually pre-arranged at local restaurants or hotels. Check your itinerary for details on what’s included in the tour cost and what’s at your own expense.


Our itineraries are meticulously planned, so please be on time for departures and activities. When in doubt, call your Travel Host.

Itinerary Changes

Flexibility is key! Weather, road closures, or other unforeseen events might alter our plans. Your host will adjust the itinerary to ensure the best possible experience.

Covid and Border Changes

In our post-pandemic world, be prepared for sudden changes in government border decisions. We’ll prioritize safety and work to minimize additional costs, but refunds or cost coverage for such events aren’t guaranteed.


Tour Cancellations

Cancellation by You

Check your tour flyer for specific cancellation periods and fees. We require these fees to cover your share of unrecoverable costs once we’ve confirmed the tour with suppliers and other travellers.

Travel Insurance

Ensure you have travel insurance before deposits become non-refundable. It’s your safety net for unforeseen cancellations.

Cancellation by Us

If we need to reschedule your trip, we’ll offer new dates. If those don’t work for you, we’ll provide a full refund.



Enjoy the Journey!

With You, Me & Friends, every trip is an adventure filled with laughter, camaraderie, and unforgettable memories. So, pack your bags, bring your sense of humour, and get ready for a fantastic time with your new (or old) Travel Friends!


Oh my gosh, we all had a fantastic day out. Thank you so much. I really didn’t expect to like all those weird and wonderful snacks during the "Curious Food Train" activity, and didn’t think they would all participate. The staff all keep thanking us for such a great day. Looking forward to next years event!