You, Me & Friends “Art & Culture” ***MONA-The Museum of Old and New Art***

Apr 23: After spending the morning at the Saturday Salamanca Markets on Day 11 of our Taste of Tasmania Tour, we all boarded the van and made our way to MONA – The Museum of Old and New Art.

A subterranean treasure trove of contemporary art, “MONA” is not just a museum; it’s an immersive journey into the mind of its eccentric creator, David Walsh. The museum itself is carved into the sandstone cliffs along the Derwent River, and as you step inside, you’re greeted by a kaleidoscope of artistic impressions.

We entered the gallery through the steel mirrored doorway, which led into the foyer. Then it was down to the third level by a cylindrical glass elevator. One of the first exhibits that caught our eyes was the indoor waterfall. With the aid of computer operated jets, the waterfall went about spelling out one-word statements as the water fell.

Through three levels of the gallery, we wandered. The nameless books room was no doubt an ode to all the books yet to be written.

The sculptures made entirely of spiderweb were intriguing, and then there was the huge bronze head with a hole so we could see the random dreams strobing around in his mind. The eclectic collection challenges convention and transcends boundaries, featuring everything from ancient artifacts to boundary-pushing contemporary installations.

What sets MONA apart is its unabashed approach to art curation. The museums architecture itself is a work of art, with dimly lit tunnels, unexpected openings and surprising vistas contributing to the overall sensory experience.

MONA is not just a museum visit; it’s an immersion into a realm where the traditional boundaries of art are joyously shattered, leaving visitors with an unforgettable mark of the extraordinary. It’s a must-visit for art enthusiasts, free thinkers, and anyone ready to embark on a journey beyond the ordinary.

Mona – Museum of Old and New Art | Hobart, Tasmania


Oh my gosh, we all had a fantastic day out. Thank you so much. I really didn’t expect to like all those weird and wonderful snacks during the "Curious Food Train" activity, and didn’t think they would all participate. The staff all keep thanking us for such a great day. Looking forward to next years event!