The Team

David Moss

“I started in travel at Roseman & Warren Travel in Whangarei when I left school at 17 and have worked in the Travel industry my whole life. I have visited 43 countries, booked over 12,000 trips to almost everywhere on earth, and led away over 30 group tours. My passion is for soft adventure (experiences that expand your horizons during the day, with a soft bed at night). My favourite destinations include: The Lost City of Angkor, Cuba, The Pyramids of Giza, Kyoto in Japan, and being on Safari in Africa.”

Karen Kidd

“I starting my tourism career in the Hospitality industry in the UK, before moving to New Zealand. In Whangarei, I worked briefly for Flight Centre, but have spent most of my 30 years in travel employed at Roseman & Warren United Travel which later became You Travel Whangarei.

I love talking to people about travel and helping them achieve their travel dreams, and I really enjoy taking away groups of our travel friends to exciting destinations (sports tours are a passion of mine).

I have been to 42 countries in total, including almost half of all of Europe. France, England, Scotland & Ireland are my favourite countries, with the USA, Canada, and India not far behind.

My ideal holiday would have plenty of walking, a little horse riding, but mostly it is about spending time with good people and having a lot of laughs.”

Ruth Pereira

“My first job in travel was setting up international tours for Globe travels in India, but the majority of my travel experience comes from spending a little over 13 years working as cabin crew for Emirates airlines in Dubai. I’ve visited 56 countries and I’ve still got more on my never-ending list. My favourite thing about travel has to be the food. There’s so much you can learn about cultures from their food, and I love experiencing new dishes every time I visit a new place. I have left a piece of my heart in so many cities that I find it difficult to pick a favourite. From Christmas markets in Germany & Austria,  Wine tasting in Bordeaux, school friends’ reunion in NYC, Temples in Kyoto, Japan to having my destination wedding in Koh Samui, Thailand.  It has been a beautiful journey.”

Linda Subritzky

Prior to starting with You, Me & Friends, I worked as a chartered accountant and St John Emergency Medical Technician. I am a mother of four, so have lots of experience in admin and people interaction. I was a member of the 2023 Croatia/UK group with David and the rest as they say…..

I enjoyed the human aspects of these previous roles, and the “doing” to improve a situation and make things happen. At the end of the day, its all about relationships. I enjoy the “feel good” factor of You, Me & Friends, and being a part of a team working together. 

I have travelled to nine different countries to date. I view myself as an international travel newbie, but going to add a few more countries soon as I’m going on the river cruise with Karen in May 2024. 

I enjoy leisure group travel. My passion for travel really all started with a “civilised walking tour” in the Tasman National Park, then a small group trip to Vietnam and Cambodia. I also enjoy the family group travel that I have been involved with in the last few years-making lots of lifelong memories. 

 I like travelling in Asia. I find it fascinating, and I enjoy experiencing the different cultures. It can also be quite humbling. My favourite “travel product” is small group tours-they have everything already organised for you, then you can personalise your travel after the group tour.

Nikki Mills

I started my career in the local information centre in Paihia, which have me an interest for travel and tourism. When a position to work with Flight Centre came up, I jumped at the opportunity. From 2005 to 2020, I worked in travel at Flight Centre, House of Travel and You Travel. (It’s so great to be back working with some of the You Travel team at You, Me & Friends!)

In travel, I love the contact with customers, and helping them plan their travel, supporting them and making things as easy as possible.

A great part of the job is having the opportunity to travel and visit amazing places. So far, I have been fortunate enough to travel to Australia, Fiji, Rarotonga, Samoa, New Caledonia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Singapore, North America, Canada, Central America, UK, Europe.

When traveling, I like to experience everything, I am more than happy to be camping, staying in a 2 star hotel or enjoying some luxury. I loved the European river cruise I did. That was 5 star all the way!

I really enjoyed China and would love to go back to visit more of Asia, and more of Europe.

Alyshia Correa

One of my first jobs in the hospitality and tourism industry was working at a local Turkish bar/restaurant. I then went on to study Event management, minoring in Tourism. Upon completing my degree I worked at Rhythm and Vines – then I went traveling!

My love for tourism grew, so once I returned to New Zealand I became a travel consultant, where I discovered that I love the variety of people who you meet, and the excitement I get when I help to create wonderful and memorable experiences for clients.

I have travelled to 8 countries, with my favourite country so far being Thailand. I was fascinated by the smaller villages which are off the beaten track, where you meet the locals and get to fully experience the culture first hand.

I enjoy various styles of travel, including adventure, camping and hiking, tropical retreats and family vacations – and can’t wait for my next trip!

Nicole Robertson

“My first job was at the Information Centre when I left school, then I went on my OE to the UK and worked for Thompsons Travel Company (the biggest package tour operator in the UK).  When I got back to NZ, I worked for Budget Travel and after that, Roseman and Warren United Travel.

I find travel is exciting – full stop.  Whether you are travelling yourself or putting together an awesome itinerary for someone else, it’s always exciting and interesting.  Now, I am enjoying working on the many fun and diverse itineraries at You, Me & Friends.

I have travelled to 21 countries, and my favourite thing about travel has to be food & wine. I’m a real foodie and love trying different cuisines. A bit of adventure is great, but so is lying on a tropical beach for a few days!

My favourite destinations are Egypt (floating in a felucca up the Nile, riding donkeys through the Valley of the Kings and Queens at sunrise), and Turkey (privileged to visit Gallipoli and walk through the striking Cappadocia region) – absolutely amazing!!!  I also really enjoyed an Intrepid trip we did in Northern Thailand trekking through the hill tribes.”

Sun Moss

I was born and schooled in Seoul, South Korea, and my very first job after leaving school, was as a model for a corporate advertising agency.

In 1996 our family emigrated to Whangarei, where we established our new home. Coming from a city of over 10 million people, to small town New Zealand was quite a culture shock indeed, but we settled in quickly and I can say that I have now lived longer in Whangarei then in Korea.

My first taste of the tourism industry was as co-host for the You, Me & Friends “Japan & Korea” Tour in 2018. Japan was beautiful, and I was especially proud to be able to introduce the delights of South Korea to a group from Whangarei.

The following year I co-hosted You, Me & Friends Tours “Fiji Encounter Cruise”, and “Vietnam & The Lost City”. In 2020 & 2021, I was excited to co-host the You, Me & Friends Tours “South Island Experience”, and a portion of the “Four Islands” Tour.

I love to share the excitement and wonder of our Travel Friends when they see new places and experience new things. For me, that is the magic of travel.

Stacey Wilson

Whilst still at high school, I worked in petrol stations, 4square, a gift shop, and a bar. After finishing school, I spent the first 10 years of my adult life as a registered nurse, working in both New Zealand and all around Australia, before becoming a mum and starting work with You, Me & Friends. 

What I loved most about working in these jobs, was meeting new people from all walks of life. What I enjoy most about working in the travel industry, is seeing peoples travel ideas come together into interesting and exciting adventures. Being able to take groups away and share the adventure with them is a dream of mine.  

While I was travelling around Australia working, I would take breaks and travel overseas. I have been to Fiji, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Rarotonga and Vanuatu. I was all booked to travel around Africa for 3 months, but unfortunately couldn’t go because of border closures, then put travel on hold to start a family. 

The highlights of my travel so far would have to be volunteering at an elephant sanctuary in Thailand, and hiking through the hills in Sapa. I enjoy all aspects of travel, from the sights, the food, the people and the activities, but could also happily spend a day lying in the sand at an idyllic beach.

Michelle Turner

When I was in high school, I worked in a café part time, but have only had medical, education and horticulture roles prior to starting with You, Me & Friends. I left New Zealand at the ripe age of 22 for the quintessential 2 year UK OE, and was bitten by the travel bug!

I love meeting and spending time with people and creating unforgettable memories. I love to travel and to explore new places (and return to favourites) and I am so excited to share my passion for gardening and horticulture with fellow travellers during garden tours.

I have travelled to 49 countries to date (too many to name them all!). I am happy doing any sort of travelling; however cruising, architectural sites and nature/gardens are my favourites. 

It is so hard to choose a favourite country, but Iceland, Poland, Bali and Estonia are standouts, as was ANZAC Day in Gallipoli back in 2002, and a 2-month safari to Africa including a visit to the mountain gorillas in Uganda, seeing dolphins in Zanzibar and spending a day with my sponsored child and her family in Kenya. As for gardens, my favourite is the awe inspiring Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, followed by the gardens at Buckingham Palace and the Dubai Miracle Garden. The Chelsea Flower Show is on my bucket list as are numerous New Zealand Garden Festivals.

Eden Palmer

Prior to starting with You, Me & Friends, I have worked at Avis/Budget car rentals, Southern Cross travel insurance, and was also a camp counsellor and Au Pair in the United States.

What I have loved the most in all my previous jobs, and now with working at You, Me and Friends, is the people I get to meet and the friendships that I create. 

I have travelled to 6 countries so far and intend to travel to a lot more. I tend to try to “complete” a country as best I can before visiting a new one. 

I love to explore. I have been to 20 of the 52 states in the US, and I hope to visit them all one day. I like travelling off main roads and typically will look locally before doing something touristy. I am still a big fan of seeing the “must do’s”, although I don’t think it should take up the entire trip. One day, my husband and I plan on taking our daughter to Europe and making our way through the countryside in a campervan. 

It may not come as a surprise, but I love visiting the US and especially Disney (I have been 6 times already). I love the variety you get from each different state and their national parks are truly spectacular. One of my favourite places is Utah’s Arches, it’s like you’re stepping into a prehistoric Era-absolutely stunning. 

One thing that I highly recommend and cannot travel without is my noise cancelling headphones-they actually work and are really comfortable to wear while you sleep.

Dan Collett

I have over 20 years’ experience in the hospitality industry, starting from the bottom and working my way to the top. I have been a bar manager in many establishments around New Zealand and in Australia. I hold certificates in Tourism and Transport, and a General Managers Certificate. I am no stranger to the stage – I write songs for Rust, a band I helped form in 2016. I play guitar and have been writing songs since the age of 16. Since 2019 I have been involved with the Whangarei Theatre Company performing in eight shows since 2020, my biggest role to date has been Andy Dufresne in the Shawshank Redemption 2023.

I love working with people and I particularly enjoy hosting.  I am excited to be part of You, Me and friends and feel after years of experience in the industry that it is a suitable progression for my hospitality portfolio.

 I have travelled to three countries – Australia, Tahiti and Thailand. When I travel, I like to learn and discover new places, histories and cultures. I consider myself a student of the world and am open to most types of Travelling.

I have yet to explore much of the globe, so I have yet to mark a favourite, however anywhere warm is always appealing. We have such a beautiful country here in New Zealand. I have spent considerable time in Sydney, Queensland and Perth, and have been blessed to experience the beauty of Tahiti and Moorea, and the charm of Thailand.

My favourite travel products… Perhaps the in-flight entertainment.

Bronwyn Collett

I have not worked in any travel jobs in the past, but I am an active member in community theatre so no stranger to keeping a show on the road during the unexpected.

What I love most about working with You, Me & Friends, is putting holidays together-looking at all the different things to do in different countries-its fun.

Its difficult to get an exact count of how many countries I have travelled to, but I have lived in three countries (New Zealand, England, and Italy), and been to at least one country in every continent (except for Antarctica). Most of my travel has been in Europe.

I prefer to travel to the lesser-known destinations (I loved Bosnia and Bulgaria, Hungary was great too). My favourite trips have had minimal itinerary – I just like to walk through a city without a map and see what I find. When travelling I always look for the food. I’ve also recently acquired a motorhome and have enjoyed getting out with the family in our own backyard.

Some of my favourite trips have been travelling across countries and seeing how the different regions are – how different Salta in the north of Argentina is from Buenos Aires, or each region of Italy. My best travel tip came from my mother, and that is always pack a pair of togs, even if it’s not a ‘swimming’ destination. A group I was with ended up snow-bound in Northeast America and I was the only one to have the experience of swimming in a heated pool in a glass conservatory whilst looking at the snow drifts outside.

Maria King

“When I was 18, I moved to Hamilton from little ol Whangarei to study Travel and Tourism at Sir George Seymour – National College of Airline, Travel & Tourism. I went on to complete Level 3 & 4 in Travel. Fun fact – I wanted to be an Airline Hostess but I thought I was too short and would struggle to close the overhead storage! Everybody in the class was easily over 5.5ft and I am only 5.3ft so I was put off and so I studied Travel and Tourism instead. Turns out I can shut the storage doors…. Just!

After I graduated, I then moved to Queenstown with my Sir George buddy (and still one of my best friends 15 years later) and worked at a Boutique Hotel where there were only 15 rooms, so we did everything including reception, cooking, cleaning and host wine tastings. It was a great job as I got to meet small groups of guests at a time and got to know some quite well who visited regularly. One day I would be greeting them at reception then they would see me in the morning making their breakfast or even cleaning their room later that day! It was a job where it was very personal.

After a while I decided to leave Queenstown (and my friend) to move back home to Whangarei as I missed my home and from there I have been doing various front facing and admin roles. I did lose my way in the Travel industry but now being with You, Me & Friends I have decided to get back into it and I really like what You, Me & Friends are about. I also love to get to know people on a more personal level and will sit down and have a cuppa and yarn away but also love a schedule, so I know what I’m doing!

I have lived in Melbourne for 4 years and visited Perth, Sydney, Tasmania (would love to visit Barossa Valley to visit the wineries). I have also visited Fiji & Thailand – In particular I love Koh Samui, I have been there twice. I intend to travel more once my babies are older and create lifetime memories with them also.

I am very much the leisure traveller such as relaxing on the beach, tours that are at an easy pace, go with the flow. I’m also a foodie and enjoy different cuisines, including the odd wineries. One day I would love to try a cruise. I’m afraid I am not an adrenaline junkie!”

Kate Sherman

When I was 19, I moved to Canada for the winter season and worked on the local ski hill in Jasper National Park, then in the summer I worked at the Jasper Skytram as a guide, before going back to the ski hill the next winter before covid hit.

What I enjoyed most about these jobs was meeting people from all over the world that I both worked with and who were just visiting.

I have travelled to 30 countries so far. I enjoy all sorts of travel, but I am especially fond of a holiday that has equal parts excitement and relaxation.

My favourite part of travelling so far is seeing the northern lights in both Sweden and Canada, and spending Christmas and New Years in New York.

Thank you very much for the wonderful way and manner in which you undertook this trip. This was the first trip I have done in a group so was a little apprehensive about going with a group of “unknowns”. Suffice to say that I so thoroughly enjoyed myself I cannot wait to see when there will be another chance for me to join your one of your groups again. I would even do the same trip again – albeit with a little more time in Waiheke. I have been raving on and extolling the good name of your company to all I meet and a number of people have indicated an interest. All the best for you upcoming rave in Hawkes Bay.