Essential Travel Tips and Tools

Must-Have Travel Apps

Before jetting off, make sure to download these essential travel apps and take a few minutes to get familiar with them. Trust us, you don’t want to be that person fumbling with new apps at the airport!


  1. Flashlight App: Keep a good flashlight app on the front screen of your phone. Because nobody wants to be left in the dark—literally.
  2. Google Maps: Your go-to for navigating foreign lands.
    • TIP: Download maps before leaving home to save on data costs. Your wallet will thank you.
  3. Kindle App: Ditch the heavy books and go digital. Load up on books in advance—it’s cheaper and lighter on your back.
  4. Google Translate: A lifesaver for translating languages.
    • TIP: Download languages ahead of time. The app works best with single words rather than entire love letters.
  5. WhatsApp: Communicate overseas using data (local WiFi is best). Phone, text, or video call without breaking the bank.
  6. Private Facebook Groups/Messenger: Keep your travel updates private. Share your adventures with close family and friends, not the entire neighborhood.
  7. Offers downloadable maps without the need for data. Great for places where Google Maps isn’t welcome (such as China).
  8. Air NZ App: Stay connected to your Air New Zealand flight bookings. Get real-time updates on any changes or delays.
  9. XE Currency Converter: Keep track of live exchange rates and monitor up to 10 currencies at once. Updated every minute for your financial peace of mind.
  10. IATA Travel Pass: An internationally recognized vaccine record. A must-have for multi-country travel to verify your vaccine status.
  11. Qantas App: Keep tabs on your Qantas flight bookings with real-time notifications.
  12. Virgin App: Similar perks for Virgin flight bookings. Stay updated on any changes.
  13. Uber Eats: After a long day of exploring, have food delivered straight to your door. Perfect for those evenings when you’re too tired to hunt for a restaurant.
  14. Weather App: Stay ahead of the weather with a reliable forecast app. Plan and pack accordingly to avoid any meteorological surprises.


We’re always on the lookout for more fantastic travel apps. If you have a favourite, let us know!



Handy Travel Websites

Here are some invaluable websites to aid your travels:

  1. Weather History: Weather History
    • Check past weather patterns to predict what you might encounter this year.
  2. International Power Plug Guide: Power Plugs & Sockets
    • Find out which plug adapter you need for your destination.
  3. Flight Departures from Auckland: Auckland Airport Departures
    • Check real-time departure and arrival times for Auckland Airport.
  4. Flight Departures from Whangarei: Whangarei Airport Departures
    • Get up-to-date departure and arrival times for Whangarei Airport.
  5. Safe Travel: Safe Travel
    • The NZ Government’s official site for travel advisories and a registry for Kiwis abroad.
  6. Priority Pass: Priority Pass
    • Annual membership gives access to over 1,000 airport lounges worldwide. Perfect for those who enjoy traveling in style.
  7. The World Factbook: The World Factbook
    • A treasure trove of facts and details about every country in the world.


We’re always seeking out more great travel websites. If you have a recommendation, share it with us!


Happy travels and may your adventures be as smooth as your app downloads!

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