Summary of You, Me & Friends Good Trips Guides

“Good Trips Guides”  Welcome to our page of weblinks to our “Good Trip Guides”.  These are a series of travel articles designed to help you navigate the complications of travel. The topics cover pertinent subjects such as passport and visa traps, trip health and safety, travel best practices, and a heap of handy tips to […]

You, Me & Friends “Easy-paced 4 night stays”

Many of our trips now include “easy-paced 4 night stays”. These 4 night stays have become extremely popular, allowing us to get a true flavour of each area, and relieving us of the stresses of constant travel. You actually have time to unpack your suitcase. You get to enjoy the hotel facilities you are staying […]

No Visa, No Go!

Ready to embark on your next overseas escapade? Let’s talk visas! Navigating visa requirements might feel like a maze, but fear not! Here are some crucial visa facts to help you breeze through the process:   Choose the Right Visa Type: First things first, make sure you’re applying for the correct visa for your trip’s […]

All you need to know about You, Me & Friends Small Group Hosted Tours!

Welcome to the Bubble! When you join a You, Me & Friends small group hosted tour, you become part of our “bubble.” Think of it as a cozy travel cocoon where everyone pitches in to make the journey enjoyable and safe for all.   Meet Your New Travel Friends On our tours, you’ll quickly find […]

You, Me & Friends Travel Club

Get Together with Your Travel Pals! Feeling those post-trip blues? Missing your travel buddies? Look no further! Our bi-monthly Travel Club meeting is just the ticket to reconnect with your adventure comrades and relive those unforgettable travel moments.   When & Where? During Winter (non-daylight savings hours), we do a midday event. Please turn up […]

Mile-High Rewards: Frequent Flyer Essentials

Flying high with frequent flyer perks? Here’s what you need to know: Frequent Flyer Number: Don’t forget to provide your frequent flyer number before takeoff. It’s your ticket to earning those coveted miles and perks. Keep Boarding Passes: Hold onto your boarding passes like they’re golden tickets. They’re essential for claiming any missed points or […]