You, Me & Northland “Amazing Places”  *** My Northland ***

Technically Northland starts 5kms North of Te Hana, and cuts across the country from the shores of the inland Oruawharo River on the west, across to Mangawhai on the  east coast. Technically, it is 13,789 square kms. Technically, it has 3200kms of coastline. That is all “technically”. But “My Northland” is a little different. “My […]

You, Me & Friends “Amazing Activities”  *** Whalewatch Kaikoura ***

It was the morning of Day 7 of our “Four Islands Tour”, and the weather could not have been better for our 10am Whalewatch cruise. Flawless blue skies, flat calm sea, and not a breath of wind. We boarded our modern vessel and were not more than 30 mins out before we spotted our first […]

You, Me & Friends “Amazing Activities”  *** Waitomo Caves ***

It was the only day of rain on our tour – but the drizzle steadily progressed to downpour! We arrived at Waitomo Caves and scurried from the van into the ultra modern complex that houses the ticket office, cafe, and gift shop. Here we meet our guide, and started our first Cave adventure. “Wai (water) […]

You, Me & Friends “Favourite Places”  *** Nugget Point ***

There is a place on the northern coast of the Catlins that affords one of the most dramatic and breathtaking sea views in all of New Zealand. This place is Nugget Point. Located 15 mins from the small township of Kaka Point, the road takes you to the spacious Nugget point car park, then it’s […]